By the third page, the author is already

Ya Retak Maaya
E'tazalt El Gharam
Men Yebasherni
Tabla Solo 4 U 3
My 16 year old wanted this
Bellydancing Breakbeats
Im Tirzi
Eidha Al-menhali 2013
Albi Mal
Kon Fa Yakoon
Curry Goat & Champagne
Ana Horra
Al Jamilat
Baad Roohi
Bet'oul Eih
In Search of Ahmad Shah Masood (Extra Noize Versions)
Zydeco Tramp
One and Only Majida El Roumi
Jalsat Nagam
????? ?????? ??? -2
Aman (????)
Eidha Al-menhali 2011
Keda Bardo Ya Amar
This book had a good plot line
Concerto Al Andalus
When I ordered In Their Time I
Wanted for Playing Nothing but the Blues
Tu B'av – Osim Ahava BeKeisaria
Club of Emotions
Promises of the Storm

It's a very charming and

Free Game
Live Recording 1982 Recitals
Mestareeh 2012
Great books!