Excellent read and advice.

Ha Ha
Thunderstorm in Detroit (Remastered Live in Detroit, 1980)
Live At the Ace, Brixton
Live In Los Angeles 1988
Solo Para Fanáticos
Division of Spoils
Lost Along the Way
Live In '98
Who's Been Talking?
The Dwarves Must Die
I thought this book was very
Alive In Hollyweird
La Vuelta al Mundo
Dead Language
The Definitive Act
R.I.P. (Live)
The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll
Back to the Basement

following Mick LaSalles thumbs up review,stating that

Charming and very funny!

Dywane Johnson is better than this. I did

Take Back the Night
Live Cuts (Live at Teragram Ballroom and the Independent, Dec. 2015)
Into the Agony
Summer Hits No. 1
Pleasant Screams
The Great Awake
Inviting Light

Did I laugh til I cried? No.

Nerve Endings
Generacion Juvenil
Live In Philly 06'
At Metro