Good book to start

Light and Shade
Music for Gilded Chambers
Carving Songs
14,384 Days Later

The easiest thing to

Rarities 1989
Solemn Sun Setting
Wo wir zu Hause sind (Akustik Tour) [Live]
Cause and Effect
Supreme Court Goes Electric
Murphy's Law
Alles was ich bin (Deluxe Version)
Death in the Cameroon
New Apostles

It's general knowledge (GENERAL KNOWLEDGE – OK,

I haven't read the novel

I Chew

Keep Calm + Carry On
Moments In Time
Crooked Doors
Tears In Rain
Theatre of Hate – Live In Sweden
Staubkind (Bonus Track Version)
Deeper and Further Away (An introduction)

I read many reviews before I

Royal Thunder
Live At the Astoria, London '91 (Live)
The Newlydeads
DNA Slaves
Elenna Nórë