I bought a copy of this book

Africainement vôtre
Tamma Tamma Again 52 Non Stop Remix
A Long Way From Home
Saâet Tarab maâ Fadl Shaker
Surat Yunus
Fagan Aayo Hai
Sherine Live 2
Kelebek (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Thulthain Al Ard
El Corán Santo (Il Sacro Corano, Vol. 10)

I decided to watch this

Sin city is back and what a

Esaal Alaya
?????? 2
The Weekend (Remixes)
Drum 'n Koto (feat. Mieko Miyazaki (Koto) & Patrick Goraguer (Drums) with special guests Nguyên Lê (Guitar) & Kudsi Ergüner (Ney))
Yana Yana (Sahrate Tarab)
Cessa kié la vérité
Baada Aal Bal
The Fundamental Component
Awajeh Al Maana, Vol. 1 & 2
My English professor required this for my class.
Ma Ho Ant (Demo)
Oalnalak Habinak
Mentira (The Remixes)
Should have returned.
Boukalettes algériennes
You Control Me (Remixes)
Ma Irifish Al Ashwaq
Khalas Samaht
A Letter From the West