I first read the adult

Libya Tour Guide
The Acoustic Experience
Great resource and up to date
Albi Mal
Mehararu Jindabad
Bandana Tape
Waiting for Light
In Search of Ahmad Shah Masood (Extra Noize Versions)
Salt Peter
Aghani Yemeniya
Viva Belly Dance
Habetak Ana

When I saw this movie had been released

Quantum Project One
It is what it is… A teenage/young

This reimagining of the POTA

Drum Circle
Sweet Music Float
The World of Lady A
Caress (Mouda'abah)
Hard Times
Zydeco Tramp
Tu B'av – Osim Ahava BeKeisaria
Bhola Ji Ka Pyar
Live Heychal HaTarbut
Alabama TalKING 4
Meshit Wara Ehsasy
Everytime (Remixes)
Sensational Caravan
Fi Ba7ri
Abyssinia Selasie