I have about 100

Smart Bar – Chicago (Live; 1995)

A New Tide
Living in Extraordinary Times
Take a Bow
Nautical Antiques
Bad Self Portraits
I enjoy the American Presidents

Well, as i was

Girl at the End of the World
9th Ward Pickin' Parlor
B-Room (Deluxe Edition)
Wrong Creatures
This Bright Red Feeling (Live in New York City)

5 Album Set: Bring It On / Liquid Skin / In Our Gun / Split the Difference / Five Men in a Hut
How We Operate
Dono da Área, Vol. II
Landline (Bonus Track Version)
Hold That Tiger (Live)
Side Pony
Everyone Thinks I Dodged a Bullet (Deluxe Edition)
Some Offcell Voices
Live at the Continental Club (Live / 1986)
Beat the Devil's Tattoo
Live at the Lizard Lounge
Adapt or Die: Ten Years of Remixes
The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy
This was a great sequel to
Temperamental (Deluxe Edition)
Missing (Remixes)
Simon Werner a Disparu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Live At the Variety Playhouse