I have had very good results

New World March
Burial Ground
Blitzed – An All Out Attack
Alive in a Glass Cage – EP
Must have book.
Dead End District
purchased audio version-excellent
All Out Attack
Involution, Vol.1
Twist of Fate
Nibiru: Drones from the 12th Planet

This film is a must see

Too Much History
I Eat Cannibals – The 2018 Mixes
Witness The Millennium
Here are some things
Nightbreed of Macabria
zutiefst (Deluxe Version)
New World March (The Remixes)

So this was my most anticipated film of

The Machinists of Joy
Moonlight Waltz Live Tour 2011 / Cult of Lamia EP
Age of Falconry
Voice of a Generation
Beautiful Death
Dead Market
Out of Respect for the Dead
World Molæster
Extremely Rotten (Live)
My Lover the Killer