It keeps the schedule.

2to6 Records presents Mad Moments
Theatre of Hate – Live
Stays in Mexico (A Tribute to Toby Keith)
Life of Agony: 1989-1999
The Suffering Angel
Ancient Shadows
Quatorze Exemples Authentiques Du Triomphe De La Musique Décorative
Daydreams and Nightmares
Sin-Drome of Separation
The Underliving
Cinema Strange
He Who Dares Wins, Vol. 1
Mad Moments
The Heroes' Code

Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of the Christ'

Dreams In Formaline
Im Auge des Sturms

Rich Girl (A Tribute to Gwen Stefani)

First things first, I do think this

The Royal Brigade
Dirty Secrets
A Little Less Conversation (Remixes) [feat. Rudy Mc]
Liebe im Krieg (Bonus Version)
He Who Dares Wins, Vol. 2
Dystopian Society
Broken Valley
I read a lot of non-fiction and historical