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Kashi: Songs from the India Within
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kitab Al hob
Balean Aleha Elhob

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Habib Dehkaty
Boukalettes algériennes
Journey Around the Sun
Ramad Al Masabeeh
Grandes Éxitos
Live out Your Dreams
Almosekar Kadim
2 Lute
Desert Guitars (feat. Bijan Mortazavi, L. Subramaniam, Hayadeh & Manoochehr Sadeghi)
Amar Moner Koney
Remixaaat Dabke
Since Being Apart
Sheesha Wo Dabke B.
Rhythms of the Nile: Introduction to Egyptian Dance Rhythms
Desert Grooves 4 (A Sensual and Evocative Mix of Contemporary Eastern & Indian Music)
A Minha História
Gloria Can't Dance
Kelebek (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Lo Pashut Lihiyot Pashut

Drum 'n Koto (feat. Mieko Miyazaki (Koto) & Patrick Goraguer (Drums) with special guests Nguyên Lê (Guitar) & Kudsi Ergüner (Ney))
Desert Guitars (Collection)
Qanoon Kefak
Even though the book is