Not bad

Out of Frequency (Deluxe Version)
Abandoned Mansion
We Are the Tide
Spunk (Bonus Track Edition)
Mission Bell

I'm a bit baffled by all the

Out of Frequency
How We Operate
Whatever's On Your Mind
The Bird and the Bee
Pedestrian Verse
The Orchard (Bonus Track Version)
The Psychedelic Swamp
Summer In Abaddon
Outrageous and Outspoken!
The Rhumb Line (10th Anniversary Edition)

Kevin Costner plays the part of

Bring Us Together (Deluxe Version)
Autumn of the Seraphs (Bonus Track Version)
Some Offcell Voices
3 Rounds and a Sound
Five Men In a Hut – A's, B's and Rarities – 1998-2004
Well written and engaging, though a
As a survivor of sexual, physical, mental
Specter At the Feast
Adapt or Die: Ten Years of Remixes
Note for those reading at Amazon: links to
Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future
Ithaca (Bonus Track Version)
Gold in the Shadow (Deluxe Version)