Professor Butterfield’s history is

Rhythm Collision, Vol. 1
Non-Stop Power Pop, Vol. 1
Love this book..
Keep Your Head High
The In-Between
Perfect condition

(Warning this review may contain spoilers!) Guardians of

Keep Your Head High (Deluxe)
Trial Cuts

And Then There Was Surf
Every Last Piece
The Young Rochelles
An Assorted Cast of Characters
Down to Earth
??? ???? ?? ?????? ??
Zigs, Yaws and Zags
Dying to Exonerate the World
A Lion and a Guy
Twisted Roots
Music Money Love Hustle
New Brains for Everyone
My Life
It's Alive, Too!
Never Coming Back
Retro-Pop Remasters
Estado Líquido
Give My Regards to Jack
I use it daily to pray to the 9
Move It!
Why Really
ANT on the Moon