So cute!

Absorbing Darkness
French Pop Rock Sounds
Smokin' Ladies of the 80's
Rest Scapes

Take Me There (feat. Jimmy Somerville) [Remixes]
Plan B Za Dan D
I guess this reflects the typical chef?
Beauty with a Beat
This Island
Comme Elle Vient
ASMR Sleep
Truckload of Trouble
Tremendous writer – find the obscure moody – autumn series
Mangwana (feat. Zeke Manyika) [Bonus Track Version] – EP
The Alternative Rock Selection
Garden of Love
By the Numbers
La Mort Pop Club
Feels Like Heaven (The Best)
Phenomenal Pop Rock Hits: 90s
Weltschmerz Remixes
Freak Show / Crawling Blind
Excess All Areas

Quentin Tarantino is my

Land of the Lost/Rabid Reaction
I really enjoy the Ministry of Peculiar
Ladies of Eighty-Nine
Token Bones
Pop Rock Favourites