Some five-ish years ago,

American Inquisition
Death Club 1981-1993
Hell In the Pacific
Welcome To My House, Vol. 1 (Live)
Maniac Rockers from Hell

Wes Anderson makes films that

Born Again Anit-Christian
Hell In the Pacific – Live In Japan
Hell Train Rollin
Mine and Yours
Ceromonies (Ad Mortem Ad Vitam) [Live]
Children (Live)
F**k the Bootleggers, Vol. 1 (Live) [Remastered]
Evil Voices & Demonic Moods
Swan Song
The Power of 3
All of Ms. taylor books get me hooked by the
The Decomposition of Violets – Live In Hollywood

What makes this film unique

Healing – 42 Years of Music
This Gift of Life
If you love Harleys, buy this
Almost And Always
Six Six Sixth Communion
Bye-Bye Borderline
Doing the Lord's Work
Live At the Hellfire Club
Live/Live, Vol. 2
Kings of Psychobilly – A 5 Volume Career Retrospective
Hymns for the Hellbound

F**k the Bootleggers, Vol. 2 (Live) [Remastered]