This book is well written

¡Es que Tu amor…!
Wanna More Run Around the Japanese Imperial Gardens? (Anime Songs for Jogging) [feat. Miku and Her Friends]
Feel Like in a Japanese Supermarket! (Anime Songs Instrumental)
Out of Light
Todo Acústico
2 of Us [Red] -14 Re:Singles- "Minus V"
TV Anime Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Gekibanshuu – Original Soundtrack
Salta Sin Parar

the Positives: Excellent cast, good acting. Beautiful

Sekai Vol. 1: Atarashii
Pray from Anime Gintama
VGM Acapella, Vol. 9
Do As Infinity 14th Anniversary – Dive At It Limited Live 2013
2 of Us (Blue) – 14 Re:Singles
Estrela Guia

Just as it says

Great study book and dvd series
Devil Came to Me
Reencuentro Conmigo
Undertale (A Cappella)
2 of Us [Blue] -14 Re:Singles- "Minus V"
Best – E –
VGM Acapella, Vol. 8
Movie "Fairy Tail – Houou no Miko -" Original Soundtrack
The kid loves these books. 7yo

New Anime Nation, Vol. 17
Ao Vivo – 20 Anos
KTV Fuji TV Kei Kayou Kuji Drama Uso No Sensou (Original Soundtrack)
Made-Up Mind (Must Selection of MintJam)