This is an amazing story.

Don’t Piss Here
Let's Go for a Ride
If We Try and Become Flowers!
Confusion Is a Good Weapon
Hit or Mystery
Entre Reflejos
Say the Words
Akuma Ep
Songs from Policlean
Warm Hearts, Cold Hands
The Draft

This movie is awesome! And totally realistic, especially

El Placer de Sobrevivir
A Book About Bad Luck
Tension & Release
Home Made Compass
Bob Fossil
Real Life or Naught
Pequeña Victoria
We Are Beautiful, Even When We Are Broken!
My Love, The Woods
Scenery Is in Disguise There
Glass Hymnbook (1980-1982)
Prxjek ???

Given that its special effects' producer was

As Hollywood turns "gay"

Mentalism of Dream
Quiet Guide

There are a ton of spoilers in this

Exit Four

Lucid Dream
Rain Ritual
The Gridlock