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In Dub, Vol. 1
Delta Machine (Deluxe)
In this sequel to Calling
Sounds of the Universe (Deluxe Edition)
Everyone should read this book and anything
Burnin' (Remastered)
Exodus (Remastered Bonus Track Version)
Songs of Faith and Devotion (Live)
Vice Verses
Part of the Light
101 (Live at Pasadena Rose Bowl, June 18, 1988)
Clip 0IOD8X
Live At the Roxy: The Complete Concert
Clip 0IOD8Y
Music for the Masses (Remastered Deluxe)
Gossip In the Grain
Arch Allies – Live At Riverport
Bad Blood (Bonus Track Version)
All Sides
Spirit (Deluxe)
Regeneration, Vol. 1 & 2
Touring the Angel (Live in Milan)
Violator (Remastered) [Bonus Track Version]
Wild World
Babylon By Bus (Live) [Remastered]
Talkin' Blues (Live) [Remastered]

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Live at the Orleans Arena Las Vegas
VS. (Other People's Heartache, Pt. III)
Confrontation (Remastered)