to those who denigrate EM books, tough they

World Molæster
Elegies in Darkness (Deluxe Edition)
Dead End District
The Anatomy of Silence
Before the Flood
A Devil's Possessions – Demos & Live 1980-1983
Today Is a Good Day
Excellent guide. If you are cruising the Bahamas, always get

For many years Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Let's Drop Bombs

BBC In Concert (5th November 1990)
New World March (The Remixes)
Necropsy – The Complete Demo Recordings 1986-1991
Elegies in Darkness
Year of the Ghost
Swine & Punishment
Selected Scenes from the End of the World
New Model Army Live At Maxwell's 03/11/2005
Yes I'm Limited VIII

Shadow_Movement (Instrumentals)
This is an excellent
Hell in Eden
Psycho Magnet
Phyllis Dillon Selected Hits
Beautiful Death
Burial Ground
Oddities (Live, Rare, Acoustic, Remix…)