Well I have been

Boring Nation
The Singles Series
El Eterno Pasajero
The Tidal Sleep
Lacrimal Lake
Chameleon (The Soul of a Bluesman)
Serious Reggae Deviations
Venus Figurine
Get Out of My Head
We Titled This Album All by Ourselves
15 Anos (Ao Vivo)
Origin is Changing
I Miss You Mississippi
Antyradio Unplugged (Live)
Serious Business
A Farewell to Dawn
We Don't Have the Time to Do Love All the Time

Enhanced with a decent and by

Old Volcanoes
Join Hate

Let Me
Colossal Downer
I thought this was a great
It's Easier to Make a Mess
Big Wow
Siberian Wolves
?????? ??? ????? ?????? ???
Well written. VERY ACCURATE-I
It was a birthday gift for my
Obsidian Spectre
Daily Thompson